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Land Planning

Since 1979

Through our knowledgeable staff, the Reinke Group offers a full spectrum of services related to land planning, concept design, and site plan Study.  Our services include lot & land-use studies, grading studies, earthwork analysis, site planning concepts and design, and preliminary drainage.  In addition, we the expertise in assessing basic criteria for site including zoning, general plan, and agency policies regarding a site.

Also importantly, the Reinke Group can provide assistance with entitlement processing and zoning strategy

At the Reinke Group, we've seen how growth has influenced major changes in regulations regarding land planning and design.  Our understanding of ever-changing ordinances and regulations allows us to represent you in a way that gives you greater peace-of-mind as your plans go through the process.  We know many of the officials in the municipalities we serve and regularly attend municipal planning and zoning meetings on your behalf.  We thoroughly research the rules and regulations of each municipality, keeping abreast of any changes as they occur and communicating with officials whenever a question arises.  This attention to detail and commitment to your best interests has allowed us to successfully complete an extensive number of projects in the following areas of land planning:

Subdivision Plans

The Reinke Group can provide comprehensive services related to all kinds of subdivision planning including small one or two lot subdivisions, road centerline separation, agricultural subdivisions, and residential, commercial and industrial subdivisions of all sizes. And, with today’s subdivision plans being more complex than ever before, we are able to address important issues on your behalf such as: stormwater management, zoning, sewage planning, environmental concerns, floodplains, wetlands, soil suitability, and erosion control.

Lot Combination Plans

Whether it’s joining two or more properties in common, or combining a portion of your neighbor’s land to your own, The Reinke Group can assist you in creating the plans. These projects can be done stand-alone or as part of a larger subdivision and/or land development process.

Land Development Plans

We provide comprehensive services related to land development plans for residential developments (apartments, condos, etc.), church and community projects, retail/commercial/industrial buildings and/or expansions, parking facilities, etc.